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TunaFish: helping you find local tourism companies!

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Looking for a quality local tour operator or travel agency for your backpack trip? Or trying to find a (low budget) hotel or hostel in the country you are travelling (to)? Find quality local tourism companies (including reviews). Or suggest your favourite company to be listed!

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The aim of the TunaFish initiative is to help independent travellers (backpackers) find quality local tourism companies, like tour operators, travel agencies and hotels & hostels. First of all this will stimulate local economies. Next to that we believe this is the most interesting way to travel (and in most cases the cheapest way too :-)).

By becoming a TunaSpecial member you’ll support the TunaFish initiative and mission statement. Next to that, the TunaSpecial membership gives you discounts at an increasing number of local tourism companies like tour operators, travel agencies and hotels & hostels. The TunaSpecial membership costs €15,- per year.

Would you like to help with this project? Let us explain how you can get involved!